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Been here, done that

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When a melody unfolds in one of the brothers, and more notes are missing, then they come together, the Hermanos Gutiérrez, and in the process turn not only the Grundiynkommen Agency’s head. Although their age difference is 8 years (and therefore their debut album was titled “8 Años”), they join string to string like twins. The two guitars create the melancholic melody of a Mexican steppe where the sand and the delicate purple sky around the setting sun merge into one. The Ecuadorian roots of the Brudis carry the melancholy of this vastness within them, and it is precisely that which has touched us where it hurts the most.
It didn’t start with finding a management mandate – it started with finding Ellas. In the end, after a few glasses of wine, we had no choice but to embark on a common path with these equally wonderful and talented people, somewhere between collaboration and love affair. Only the Covid pandemic has kept the band around singer, instrumentalist and songwriter Jorina Stamm off the renowned festival stages and back on the path to their big breakthrough. Debut LP in the making, the big stage impatiently waiting.
Actually, we wanted to learn something about art from them. In the end, we learned how positively three master’s degrees in art education can rub off on a garage rock band with four stylistically confident members. In short: it was love at first night. The content of Batbait’s music highlights issues of personal reality from the perspective of young, feminist women. This band is fast becoming the poster child of a genre without ever adhering to its conventions.